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Green Politics: The Global Promise

GREEN POLITICS: The Global Promise

by Charlene Spretnak and Fritjof Capra

"We are neither left nor right; we are in front. "
-a Green slogan

"A solid, impressively researched book.... For anybody who wants to be ready for the next wave of political activism, Green Politics is essential reading."
-San Francisco Chronicle Book Review (front page)

"The need for a serious, workable and desirable alternative to the emptiness of American political life has obviously never been greater. With the publication of this book, such an alternative is presented to America at last."
- The Nation

"The authors make an intriguing case for applying Green principles to American issues."
- Washington Post Book World

"With the fanfare of political hype over political principle all about us right now, this book is particularly refreshing."
- Los Angeles Times Book Review

"As a sympathetic yet also fairly tough-minded look at the Greens, Green Politics succeeds well. Capra and Spretnak and friends have begun a discussion that is well worth joining."
- Christianity and Crisis

"I sincerely recommend Green Politics to American readers who want to know what is at the heart of alternative Green party politics. Spretnak and Capra have written an insightful and honest book which does not cover up the internal conflicts that must be solved when a movement is born."
- Petra Kelly, co-founder of the West German Green Party

" Green Politics provides -- also for the Greens themselves -- an important synthesis and an excellent analysis."
- August Haussleiter, co-founder of the West German Green Party
and editor of their weekly newspaper Die GrĂ¼nen

"Green Politics provides a fascinating, richly detailed report on the impressive gains of the West German Green Party and similar European parties."
- Village Voice Literary Supplement

"Green Politics is a provocative introduction to a politics that is radically different from anything we have seen on this continent to date. This book is an important contribution to the literature of paradigm shift, which is evidently getting more real."
- Co-Evolution Quarterly

"At last! We have in Green Politics a book about the theory and the practice of decentralist/globally responsible politics."
- New Options

"Green Politics is a very important introduction to the movement that may well be our best chance for safe passage into the next century."
- Peacework

"This useful, well-written book describes the fundamental challenge posed by the Greens to both finance capitalism and state socialism. Their appeal for protection of the environment, decentralization of political and economic power, nonviolence, and restoration of human-scale democracy needs to be heard both in the West and behind the Iron Curtain."
- John McClaughry, formerly Senior Policy Advisor,
Reagan White House

"Green Politics presents a vital, new political philosophy that provides a much needed intellectual framework for social change activists in the U.S. It is must reading for pragmatic visionaries."
- Eleanor LeCain, coordinator of the Peace and Environmental Coalition

Green Politics was published by E. P. Dutton in spring 1984.