Charlene Spretnak is the bi-weekly host on a radio program called "All Together Now" on the Progressive Radio Network ( She and her guests track the progress of the cultural and political Relational Shift that is occurring in all fields as a result of 21st-century discoveries that life is far more dynamically interrelated than modern societies have realized. This program continues her exploration of the Relational Shift begun in her book Relational Reality (2011). "All Together Now" airs live on Thursdays at 3:00-4:00 p.m. ET (New York); on alternate Thursdays, the co-host is Eleanor LeCain. Archival recordings of the program are available free of charge at

Charlene Spretnak's guests on the "All Together Now" program in the coming weeks (every other Thursday) are the following:

5 December -- Fritjof Capra, author of the new book Learning from Leonardo: Decoding the Notebooks of a Genius
19 December -- Daniel Goleman, author of the new book Focus
2 January -- Marianne Williamson, author of the new book A Year of Miracles and candidate for Congress
16 January -- Medea Benjamin, cofounder of Code Pink and author of the newly updated edition of Drone Warfare
30 January -- Benjamin Barber, author of the new book If Mayors Ruled the World
13 February -- Langdon Winner, author and star of "The Automatic Professor Machine" video
27 February, 13 and 27 March -- Book Leave (archival tapes will be played)
10 April -- Gar Smith, author of Nuclear Roulette and a new report on the ongoing situation at Fukushima
24 April -- John Grim, coauthor (with Mary Evelyn Tucker) of their new book Ecology and Religion
8 May -- Robert Dodge of Physicians for Social Responsibility on the humanitarian consequences of nuclear war (a global educational/​activist project with Rotary International)
22 May -- Robin Gerber, author of Leadership the Eleanor Roosevelt Way
5 June -- Hazel Henderson, author of the new book Mapping the Global Transition
19 June and 3 July -- archival tapes (vacation)
17 July -- Maude Barlow, author of Blue Planet and chair of the board of Food & Water Watch, Washington, DC
31 July -- Rev. Sally Bingham, founding director of Interfaith Power & Light, a national network of congregations taking action on the climate crisis
14 August -- special program on the centenary of World War One
28 August -- David Seamon, editor of EAP, on "place justice" in community design and redesign
11 September -- Mark Hertsgaard, environmental author (Hot) and journalist (cover story on Obama and climate change in Harper's in July)
25 September -- Helen Caldicott, anti-nuclear power and weapons activist
9 October -- Jerry Mander, co-convener of the "TechnoUtopianism and the Fate of the Earth" teach-in at Cooper Union in New York on 25-26 October

Selected Works

In a survey of the movements in modern art, statements are presented from scores of prominent modern artists about the influence of their spiritual interests on their art.
Recent discoveries about dynamic interrelatedness are causing a Relational Shift in our thinking and our institutions.
Modernity is analyzed, and the historical and contemporary eco-social corrections of wrong assumptions are examined.
Four spiritual traditions are analyzed as partial antidotes to the crises of modernity.
A progressive Catholic defends the aesthetic, symbolic, and mystical aspects of the Virgin Mary lost since the 1960s.
This book was a catalyst for the founding of the Green Party movement in the United States.
Spiritual and Green perspectives are brought to bear on core eco-social issues of being.
The (goddess-oriented) pre-Olympian myths of Greece are reconstructed, after 2500 years.
This classic anthology of the women's spirituality movement presents explorations of authentic spiritual experience.

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